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Addressed problems

Whether you already have an internal accountancy systems for financial management or not, with EFAMT® Grant Wizard you will satisfy the rules of grant-funded projects without special effort. With its timesheets and invoice tracking, EFAMT® Grant Wizard enables you to manage your finances in a way that can easily secure all the approved funds and make your reports on time. To mention a few problems, which are solved through using EFAMT® Grant Wizard:

  • Complexity; every project has specific, non- flexible rules. In order to obtain the funds, you have to be familiar with all the rules. Learning, understanding and remembering these rules through the duration of the project can be overwhelming.
  • Time; we know that your time is priceless! And yet, the management of finances and preparation of financial reports is extremely time consuming.
  • Fine Cost Tuning; when managing a grant-funded project, there is often a need for transferring costs between work packages or even projects. In order to do this quickly and without mistakes, which could potentially cost you a lot of money, you will need a system, which enables you to monitor costs and properly transfer funds.
  • Inefficient existing solutions; existing accounting systems are not intended to solve specific problems, which occur in grant funded projects. They are usually not flexible enough to satisfy your needs as well as those of the grant donor.

The question is: Are you prepared to lose the approved funds?
If your answer is NO, read about our solution.

For a quick overview, have a look at our promotional leaflets:
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