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Addressed problems

As a coordinator you have a hard task managing all the project partners and ensuring the correctness of financial reports and invoice tracking. With EFAMT® Grant Wizard and its web reports you will be able to monitor all project resources and ensure that all project partners provide correct data and their reports on time.

Here are a few major problems, when dealing with cost management for entire project:

  • Complexity; in order to obtain funds, project leaders have to be familiar with all the specific rules of each individual project.  Knowing and remembering the rules can be overwhelming.
  • Time; we know that your time is priceless! And yet, the management of finances, gathering information from project partners and preparation of financial reports is extremely time consuming.
  • Inefficient existing solutions; existing accounting systems are not intended to solve specific problems, which occur in grant funded projects. They do not cover the needs for cost monitoring on time, which is needed for successful risk management of international projects.
  • Gathering data from project partners; it is often a problem to get correct data from all project partners on time, especially when dealing with many partners. In order to minimise this risk, the coordinator needs a transparent system to ensure all the partners are managing their finances according to plan, so that he/she can intervene at the right time.

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