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Large organisations usually have efficient accounting systems, but because of the specifics of grant-funded projects, managing several grant-funded projects at once is certainly not an easy task.  With EFAMT® Grant Wizard, the specific rules of grant funded projects as well as those of an organisation are satisfied.

We also offer a special user interface within timesheets and web reports (EFAMT®), which can be created according to the specifics of national R&D calls and designed to suit the needs of the organisation in any country. (More)

  • Complexity; every grant-funded project, national or international, has specific rules. Remembering these and making calculations accordingly for each single project within organisation can be a nightmare.
  • Time; the management of finances, monitoring, gathering information from people in different departments and preparation of precise financial reports is extremely time consuming.
  • Inefficient existing solutions; existing accounting systems are not intended to solve specific problems, which occur in grant-funded projects. They might be a good source of information or a good place to collect the total data from, but they do not usually provide organisation with the data, which is need when dealing with grant-funded projects.

For a quick overview, have a look at our promotional leaflets:
EFAMT® Grant Wizard for Organisations
EFAMT® Grant Wizard for FP7 Projects

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