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SID Bank approved a loan to RR & CO. Ltd.


Ljubljana, 8 May 2012 – SID Bank approved a long-term, 8-year loan of 450,000 euros to company RR & CO. Knowledge Centre, Ltd. to finance their development of an information system for monitoring and managing grants.

Company RR & CO., Ltd., operating since 1991, is specialized in consulting companies in the obtaining and use of European and other grants. Their competitive advantage lies in the fact that they combine their content knowledge with their own IT solutions, which makes them also a desirable associate of the European Commission, European Court of Auditors and certain other institutions within and outside the European Union.
For their services it is typical that they are tailored to the needs and demands of each individual customer, because the rules in the allocation of grants under the centralized and decentralized EU programs and European policies are changing rapidly, so for controlling all the factors specialized and current knowledge is needed.
"With the development loan from SID Bank, we will develop a new information system for monitoring and grant management with integrated business intelligence, iPASS 2014, which will be attractive and competitive for the entire European Union, as well as for the countries that are just about to enter," said the General Manager of RR & CO. Mateja Rudolf.
Long term, this industry in Slovenia and in the world is on the rise as the demand for such services grows, and it is also the industry with the fastest-growing added-value.
SID Bank has approved this credit to the company RR & CO. under the program "The financing of technology-development projects", through which SID Bank provided 100 million euros of their own assets, acquired by incurring debt from the European Investment Bank (EIB), and 50 million euros from the budget, provided by the Ministry for Economic Development and Technology of Republic Slovenia. Such a combination of their own and budgetary resources enables SID Bank to assure a very favourable rate of development credits to companies.

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