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How it works

To mention some of the benefits when using EFAMT® Grant Wizard:

EFAMT® gives your organisation:         EFAMT® gives you:
- Project setting
- Timesheets
- Invoices
- Analyses
- Instant reports: FP6, FP7
- Simplicity
- Freedom to work anywhere
- More time
- No fear of audits
- Ease of use

The web-based solution EFAMT® Grant Wizard is divided into 3 parts:
Project set up – where you specify all the rules valid for the particular project. Meaning you can stop worrying about the rules as soon as you have entered them, because the program calculates everything automatically according to the rules.
Entering data – it only takes 10 min for a person to learn how to enter data.
Analyses – powerful analyses can help you monitor project resources and prepare project reports. You can get over 50 analyses at different level.


For a quick overview, have a look at our promotional leaflets:
EFAMT® Grant Wizard Features

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